Dasar Teknik Pesawat Udara

No Unit Kode Unit Judul Unit
Kompetensi Unit
1 MEA101 A Interpret Occuptional Health And Safety Practices In Maintenance
2 MEA105 A Apply Quality Standards Applicable To Maintenance Processes
3 MEA107 A Interpret And Use Industry Manuals And Specifications
4 MEA108 A Complete Industry Documentation
6 MEA109 A Perform Basic Hand Skills, Standard Trade Practices And Fundamentals
7 AC147.C2.1 Able To Solve Mathematical Calculations
8 AC147.C2.2 Sufficient Knoweledge On Basic Physics
9 AC147.C2.3 Sufficient Knoweledge In Technical Drawings
10 AC147.C2.4 Sufficient Knoweledge In Chemistry 
11 AC147.C20 Interpret Human Factor


Pemasangan Komponen Airframe

No Unit Kode Unit Judul Unit
Kompetensi Unit
1 MEA208A Remove And Install Pressurisation Control System Components
2 MEA209A Remove And Install Aircraft Oxygen System Compomnents
3 MEA302A Remove And Install Aircraft Hydro-Mechanical System Components
4 MEA303A Remove And Install Aircraft Pneumatic System Components
5 MEA304A Remove And Install Non Pressurized Aircraft Structural And Non Structural Component
6 MEA305A Remove And Install Aircraft Fix Wing Flight Control System Components
7 MEA306A Remove And Install Engine And Engine System Component
8 MEA307A Remove And install Propeller System And Component
9 MEA329A Dismantle, Inspect, Maintain And Assembly Aircraft Basic Hydraulic And Pneumatic Component Or Part
10 MEA331A Dismantle, Inspect, Maintain And Assembly Aircraft GTEComponent Or Part


Perawatan System dan Komponent Airframe Maupun Powerplant

No Unit Kode Unit Judul Unit
Kompetensi Unit
1 MEA223A  Inspect Aircraft Electrical Systems And Components
2 MEA301A Perform Aircraft Flight servicing
3 MEA318A  Inspect Aircraft Hydro-Mechanical System And Component
4 MEA319A  Inspect Gas Turbine Engine, System And Component
5 MEA325A Weight Aircraft And Aircraft Weight And Balance Calculations As A Result Of Modifications.
6 MEA313A Inspect, Test And Trouble Shoot Piston Engine System And Component
7 MEA333A Dismantle, Inspect, Maintain And Assembly Aircraft Piston Engine Component Or Part
8 MEA401A  Inspect Aircraft Structure
9 MEA403A  Able To Repair/Modify Aircraft Structure


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